Thursday, September 13, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 Web publisher Wizard messed up!

Hi guys want to share a tittle experience while testing some new feature of visual studio 2012, its one of the oldest feature, but found a bug today. Bellow I shared the screen shot.


Ah… looks kind of smashed right?, How did it get there, few simple steps actually,

Step1: Right Click on Web project and select “Publish” to lunch the publish wizard.

Step 2: Click on Click on the drop down and will find a new option called “<New…>”

Step 3: Now click on the <New…> this will bring out a window like bellow


Step 4: Now don’t put anything on the text box of the “New Profile” dialog , rather click on “Cancel”

Step 5: Now you would see the connection , settings, and preview tab got enabled.

Step 6: Click on Preview tab, you would see that the window is kind of messed up.

Hope it would be fix soon.

Until next time , cheers!

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