Thursday, May 6, 2010

Data compare in visual studio 2010

Visual studio 2010 ultimate has many interesting and life saving feature, but let’s face it we can not put together in a single blog, rather today I am going to show you an interesting feature regarding data synchronization. Yes I am talking about “Data Compare”. In one of my blog I have put down few information about Schema comparison,


You can lunch the above window from Data Menu from top menu, after selecting both source database and target database just click on next, in this next screen you can select the database object types “Table” and “View”, select your desired object and then click on finish. The process would take few seconds to finish.

After the process is finished you would be presented with a screen like the bellow window.


After that you can select the command that you would like to perform from quick toolbar of visual studio 2010.


You can choose to sync directly, by pressing the “write updates” command or perhaps “export to editor” to examine and execute the generated query.

Hope this helps to some one. Until next time. Happy programming.