Thursday, August 31, 2006

Windows presentation foundation.. visited

Recently we developed a spacer project. Goals for this project is to learn new technologies of Microsoft. Microsoft is developing the new generation of windows programming and web programming environment. As part of this evolution, Microsoft developing four major technology

1. Windows presentation foundation.
2. Windows Communication foundation.
3. Windows Work Flow Foundation
4. Windows Card Space

In our project we covered two technology that is WCF ( Communication Foundation ) and WPF (Presentation foundation). And we used recently released customer preview that is JULY CTP. In my point of view windows presentation foundation is a Break through in windows programming environment. Same interface is serving the UI for both web and windows. Pretty good. Event thought the performance is a good and big issue. I hope Microsoft is going to cover the lacks that WFP has in its Release product.

WCF ( Communication foundation ) this "the" future web service or inter-process communication service. or we can call the service of taking to every one. very well organized and well designed that can be used in local machine as windows service and also in web service.

More of .net frame work discussion will be listed in my blog.

But Bottom result is that i like the idea of both WPF and WCF.