Friday, March 4, 2011

Mockup builder : Yet another awesome mockup building tool for your software.

In one of my last post I have discussed about an interesting web based tool to design and manage project the creately project to be precise. In this post I want to share another tool, I really find this tool useful, there is a whole lot of tools and controls set to build any kind of mockup. And I found this a perfect replacement of visio. but I must mention one point here before the continuation of the post, its Free!, its still in beta state though, hope this will be free in the release version also.


This tool is written entirely in Silverlight, and must say this is an state of art example what Silverlight can do, this project has also has out of browser experience so you can also install this in your local machine for offline browsing. you guys can checkout this tool from


Some very interesting feature is that you can create project and design multi-screen mockups. I hope this tool will be free for use as long as it remains.