Friday, August 31, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 got rid of all unnecessary things!

I must say that I am not that much excited with the release of Visual Studio 2012, as I must learn everything from scratch again, in fact need to figure out what has changed since 2010. Once again I must confess that I liked vs 2010 more than vs 2012, let see where it goes as I would be exploring visual studio in coming weeks.


Only required project are in the window now Open-mouthed smile. No more lots of project template, but still we have one very interesting option now we can directly use online templates.


Man! why is this black and white crappy look, may be because of performance, once again I like vs 2010 more. I will create a web application now and see what is the difference.

Did anyone noticed we have still the web site creation feature in vs2012.


Believe it or not web site template is not more improved and equipped with lot of modern technologies, I kind of sounds stupid but my feeling is funny and I can not express properly. Hope this will rock the world of Microsoft based technology developers.


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