Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WPF Single instance application, Now a piece of cake,

I was thinking of making a single instance application, and in WPF, googled for a minute and found out this,

WPF application Single Instance in one line of code for usage



Usage: WpfSingleInstance.Make(); or WpfSingleInstance.Make(SingleInstanceModes.ForEveryUser);
1. Add only a line of code (above) in the App.xaml.cs or in the main window.
2. Add a small static class in project (and a dummy enum SingleInstanceModes).
No additional inheritance in App class.
No App.xalm deleting.
No so redundant WCF and Remoting.
It works by the EventWaitHandle. Look in code, it's so simply.

I like it, hope all will like it.

Included a single cs file in my project named “WpfSingleInstance.cs”

then added the following line

public partial class App : Application
protected override void OnStartup(StartupEventArgs e)


Man!! couldn’t get better than this, thanks to the contributor,

Until next time. Bye bye

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