Sunday, October 2, 2011

“Silverlight SPY” for firebug or snoop like tool for Silverlight

In this blog I am going to share one yet another interesting tool developed by “firstfloorsoftware”, and the tool is “Silverlight SPY” It’s a simple wonderful tool for UI debug, in fact you can see the dom and highlight particular section.


One demoralizing thing is that this is not a free tool, its available only in commercial tool. Its available for only evaluation.

But if we don’t need for debug the UI rather need to watch the inner anatomy of controls and customize it, I would say Expression blend is also handy.  But again expression blend is also not free Open-mouthed smile. In fact to be frank Visual Studio is also not free Open-mouthed smile.

Tell Next time. Me “Munna” Signing out.

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