Monday, October 3, 2011

Https with IIS 7~7.5, Testing application in https protocol

In this short blog I am going to share a pretty simple information and which can be very useful in some cases, and it is running application in https and testing it in locally.

Of Couse we have the option to use IIS Express and web matrix for that purpose. But I am going to share how we can do it using IIS.

First thing is that we have to transfer whole default web application’s binding to https.


Right click on the default Web site of  and select edit bindings, this will bring out the following window.


We can see where that https is already been configured, its because I have already configured it.  How click on add to add a new binding. This will bring another modal window.


In this window you have to select type == “Https” and select SSL certificate, we have used IIS Express Development Certificate, for testing but you can add your own certificate. How you can also choose to view the certificate information.


That’s it now click on ok to apply and dismiss the window. click on to ok to other opened window to apply the changes.


Now try browsing the same site using https protocol, for instance https://localhost/myapplication where my application is a normal application. And you would see the browser warning for the first time. Its because we have used a development certificate. click “Continue to this website” to continue.

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