Friday, July 29, 2011

Web browser control does not display data in WPF window if window's allow transparency is true

Windows from have web browser control since .net 2.0, WPF also introduced a browser control from .net 3.5 sp1, well the controls are very good as far as functionality is concern, i my self prefer windows forms browser since it have more control with the functionality.

Today i encountered with a strange problem, in one of my application i used a modal dialog to present data as light box effect, inside the modal i added a browser control and then populated appropriate data, when i run the application the modal showed up, but the browser was just blank, no data what so ever. Later after few trial and error i found that my modal windows allow transparency property is set to true,  when i turned it to false, browser's content showed up.

Its a small problem perhaps many of you already knew about it, but since it killed almost two hour of my time, i thought its worth sharing. Happy coding..

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