Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SQLite management tool.

SQLite have lots of management tools, some of them are open source and some of them are trial ware and some of them are commercial. I found “SQLite Administrator” Pretty easy to use and handy tool as far as SQLite database file is concern.

A complete list of SQLite management tools can be found here “http://sqlite.com/cvstrac/wiki?p=ManagementTools” download the use what ever best suits you.

Today I am going to talk about only in SQLite Administrator, It can be downloaded from the following site.


A Complete list of feature is given In that site.



  • Create / Modify / Delete Tables by Wizard
  • Create / Modify / Delete Indices by Wizard
  • Create / Modify / Delete Views by Wizard
  • Create / Modify / Delete Triggers by Wizard
  • SQL Code Completion that supports table aliases
  • SQL Code Highlighting
  • SQL Error Locating
  • Import Data from CSV Files
  • Export Data ( XLS / CSV / HTML / XML )
  • Store User Queries into Database
  • Search for User Queries
  • Store Images into Blob Fields ( JPG / BMP )
  • Show SQL of each Database Item
  • Migrate SQLite2 Databases to SQLite3
  • Try to keep Indices and Triggers after modifying a Table



This tool need no installations what so ever. The whole package is in a zip file and need zero installation, just unzip and open the exe that’s it, and All of the functionality is pretty easy and it has very intuitive UI. I would recommend it to every one who work with SQLite.

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