Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Edit SQLite database using Visual Studio 2010 or SQLite Administrator


In my previous blog I have shared few useful information about SQLite Embedded database and how to use its provider to create an connection using System.Data.SQLite. We have also seen a simple tool named “SQLite Administrator” which is very handy to use with SQLite database. In this short article we will see that how we can create and manipulate  data using Visual Studio 2010 or SQLite Administrator.

Creating Table in Visual Studio 2010

Select the SQLite connection that you created and expend the Tables node, then right click and select “Add New Table” that’s it you are good to go to add a table just like the bellow figure. I am sure you guys have done this hundreds of time in SQL server, this time its just SQLite. you might see a warning when you first enter into edit of table editor.

Creating Table In VS2010

Using SQLite Administrator

Double click on the SQLite database file and right click on tables and click "Create Table”, rest of the UI is fanatic to Create the table. Set field as primary key or assign auto increment to primary key all can be done via simple clicks. So no custom hand written SQL any more.

Edit Table in SQLite Administrator

Creating Relations in Visual Studio 2010

Creating table relations are easy in visual studio, just click on relation icon, the icon beside primary key, in fact to be precise right side icon of primary key button. Or perhaps you can select a table and then click on relations, this will popup an widget to create relation.


Creating auto increment primary key is a not that much difficult also, now a days in every table we use auto increment key so we must discuss about it. at first glance we didn’t find any button or option to assign it directly. You can use SQLite Administrator to add it in few clicks, but to add in Visual Studio 2010 you got to bring the indexes window, just click on Indexes after that you will find option to add auto increment column.

Edit Auto Increment in Vs2010

I hope this information's will be helpful to us to work better with SQLite. Hope to write more information's about SQLite in near future. Happy coding.

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