Friday, June 22, 2012

New Features for System.Data.SQLite build

Couldn’t help sharing the new features of System.Data.SQLite, really impressive. the following text is been taken from the read me file what I saw after a successful installation of New .net provider provided by


  • Written from scratch on Visual Studio 2008 specifically for ADO.NET, implementing all the base classes and features recently introduced in the framework, including automatic transaction enlistment.
  • Supports the Full and Compact .NET Framework, and native C/C++ development. 100% binary compatible with the original sqlite3.dll.
  • Full support for Mono via a "managed only" provider that runs against the official SQLite 3.6.1 or higher library.
  • Full Entity Framework support (ADO.NET 3.5 SP1).
  • On the Compact Framework, it is faster than SQL Server Mobile. SQLite's installed size is a fraction of SQL Mobile's. It uses less memory at runtime, runs queries faster, and has a smaller database file size as well.
  • Encrypted database support. Encrypted databases are fully encrypted and support both binary and cleartext password types.
  • Visual Studio design-time Support, works with all versions of Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010. You can add a SQLite database to the Servers list, design queries with the Query Designer, drag-and-drop tables onto a Typed DataSet, etc.
    Due to Visual Studio licensing restrictions, the Express Editions can no longer be supported.
  • Full SQLite schema editing inside Visual Studio. You can create/edit tables, views, triggers, indexes, check constraints and foreign keys.
  • Single file redistributable (except on Compact Framework). The core SQLite native code and the ADO.NET managed wrapper are combined into one mixed-mode assembly.
  • Binaries included for x86, x64, Itanium, and ARM processors.
    Itanium processor support not currently included.
  • DbProviderFactory support.
  • Full support for ATTACH'ed databases. Exposed as Catalogs in the schema. When cloning a connection, all attached databases are automatically re-attached to the new connection.
  • DbConnection.GetSchema(...) support includes ReservedWords, MetaDataCollections, DataSourceInformation, DataTypes, Columns, Tables, Views, ViewColumns, Catalogs, Indexes, IndexColumns, ForeignKeys and Triggers.
  • Enhanced DbDataReader.GetSchemaTable() functionality returns catalog, namespace and detailed schema information even for complex queries.
  • Named and unnamed parameters.
  • Full UTF-8 and UTF-16 support, each with optimized pipelines into the native database core.
  • Multiple simultaneous DataReaders (one DataReader per Command however).
  • Full support for user-defined scalar and aggregate functions, encapsulated into an easy-to-use base class in which only a couple of overrides are necessary to implement new SQL functions.
  • Full support for user-defined collating sequences, every bit as simple to implement as user-defined functions and uses the same base class.
  • Full source for the entire engine and wrapper. No copyrights. Public Domain. 100% free for commercial and non-commercial use.

Hope this time SQLite will be more popular among developer of .net platform. Happy coding.

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