Friday, June 22, 2012

New and improved “System.Data.SQLite” also has vs2010 designer support!

Hi today I am going to share some valuable information about “System.Data.SQLite” here is the few important thing you must know before moving on,

Previous development is been discontinued by And the development is been continued in the Well there are huge set of distribution in here for all kind of customized need.

But I want to focus on a particular distribution. You can download it from Note that you have to download the package “Setups for 32-bit Windows (.NET Framework 4.0)” and in particular which says “This setup package is capable of installing the design-time components for Visual Studio 2010.”

I have downloaded it and here is the installation screen after two next :D. Can you see some awesome changes two particular thing captured my eye. It has “Linq Support” and “Visual studio designer support”  a supper WOW! to the development team. You guys really did made a huge difference to the force. May the force be with you forever.


In the installation process don’t forget to check the option where it says “Install the assemblies into global assembly cache”. after that you also must check “Install the designer component for Visual Studio 2010.”


There are lots of command line window is going to popup after the installation starts don’t accidently close the windows let the installation continue it will finish and then redirect the user to a new readme and changes html file.

You are good to go with the new and improved support for SQLite. Go a head build some killer application using System.Data.SQLite. Until next time Happy coding.

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