Friday, August 2, 2013

Team foundation server windows explorer extension

We all used svn that’s for sure for personal use or perhaps company policy to use it doesn't matter, in source control race TFS is getting behind. At lease i felt it, but some recent improvements now taking this back bench product to front bench.

For instance we can have git like behavior in tfs if we want, cool right?. But today I wish to share a different type of tool that can ease the tfs experience a little bit better, in fact its a windows explorer extension, named “Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 Power Tools”

You guys can download it from “

I have used it and its kind of can give you a feeling like tortoise. It has overlay icons just like svn.


Now some critic, the extension has relatively slow in performance, at least in my system. It doesn't have branching or switching stuff like other source control extensions, its primitive but at least now we have an extension.

I got excided to realize that now i can add documents folders and other stuff in tfs without need to open visual studio. so its cool and if we all start using it hopefully more feature will be available in future. 

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