Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to disable Yes/No security message of visual studio 2010?

I was not sure about what the heading will be so just put down a rubbish title, if you still not sure about what is going on header the bellow bold paragraphs,

“The current project settings specify that the project will be debugged with specific security permissions.  In this mode, command line arguments will not be passed to the executable.  Do you want to continue debugging anyway?”

Still not sure, ever seen a message like bellow?


Ah whey the hell you saw a message like this? simple you have put something in the command line argument, And where its been added, its added on the project properties.


Now then, how to get rid of that, the solution is also simple, you got to disable the click once security, how a screen shot is given bellow for your help. If the Check box is enabled by default, just disable it, you wont see that message again.


Note & Disclaimer: I have no idea what will happen after that, I have tested works fine, but in deployment you may see some problem.

Until next time.

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