Friday, March 2, 2012

JustDecompile, how to get .net decompiled in a flash.

Alright, today we have a new point of focus, the target topic is JustDecompile, it’s a free decompile tool provided by none other then Telerik, thanks to them we have yet another awesome decompile tool in the community, most importantly, its completely free.

Anyone can download it from Telerik site When you download the installer, it only downloads a web installer, kind of web platform installer thing.


After download, when you lunch the application, you would be given a choices to install wide range of tools, all that have telerik in there product line. Our focus is only “JustDecompile”. So choosing the right checkbox. You can also try some other productivity tool if you want to give it a try.


This is the nagging part, it ask for registration or username and password if you already have one. Since the product is free, it Should be totally free of any kind of registration. Unlike us telerik has different idea about the information collection policy.


After login you the real installation will begin. Its going to download about 25 Megabyte of data. And going to take about a 5 minute or less depending on your internet bandwidth.


After installation lunch the application, the User interface is really good. And the tool is super simple. Just open any dll it will be added to the left side tree view, you can then open any class of your choice, one very interesting feature that catch my eye is that you can change the language, i.e. you can choose in which language you want to view the code.


This can be a good conversion product also.

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