Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Edit Older Posts Using Windows Live Writer

Let me share a quick tips with the community today, we all know what a Windows live writer is, at least who writes a lot in block these day. In the earlier years we didn’t have any good software for particularly blogs. Now we have, at least lots of plugin and third-party tools out there.

If you think that your earlier post are not that much impressive in case of code and design of the content, you might want to edit those using windows live writer, there the few simple steps from where you can edit older posts posted via different editor on any blog.


Open windows live writer and then click on Open recent posts, you would be presented with a window like this.


You can see that there are three action items on the left, Drafts, Recently Posted and Your Added Blog. Click on your added blog and select show All from top dropdown option, now you can double click on any items you want to edit and style the code’s and image with new tool and functionalities.

I am sharing this because I searched for it in google and I found out no good result except some plugin, when there is a easier option for this as built-in functionality in windows live writer. And good thing is that its totally free!. so not commercial version like blog jet.

Until next time keep sharing.

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