Sunday, September 11, 2011

Prism 4.0 is a complete application development framework for silverlight and WPF.

Today I am going to talk about Prism 4.0 today. We had a very satisfactory history of developing a large scale smart client application with prism 2.0. Prism 4.0 released on November 2010. And its more evolved and now also support application development with Silver-light.

As dependency container prism 4.0 have both unity and MEF. So user can choose to use anyone of them. Unity is been introduced since the first release of WPF Composite application block aka Prism.

You can download the prism distribution from code plex.

You can find a complete developer guide here
Bellow I have put down a screen shot of the distribution.

we have complete set of tutorial and samples in the downloadable distribution to get started with prism.
I myself recommend MEF samples and find it very useful to use.

I am planing to write a series of post for both enterprise library 5.0 and Prism. Till next post, this is Munna Signing out.

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