Thursday, May 5, 2011

Balsamiq: Another mockup building tool for all kind of purpose.

Today I am going to share yet another mockup building tool with you guys. Before going in to more discussion, can you recall any good mockup tool free, i.e. either freeware or shareware three year back. We used Microsoft Visio for a long time. Until our designers made up there mind to do all sort of mockup using Photoshop. Again considering the price of the tool Photoshop was a good choice as it serve multiple purpose for the designers.

The tool or component that I want to share with you guys is Balsamiq. It is yet another mockup building tool and I must say a very good one. I have already talking about where a silverlight component do all the thing for mockup. Here we can say that it’s a competitor for the, Balsamiq is designed and developed via flex(Perhaps) and has runtime framework as adobe Air.

Its free if you use this by lunching from there site, and you can also buy the commercial version with $79 for a single license. Till now our designers are using this free version and They are pretty happy about it.


On thing I must mention here that not only designers are comfortable with it, stake holders like developers and product owners even customers understand the simple sketch like drawing. As our project manager said

“Even though the name sounds funny but the tool is awesome and we are liking it”

Until next time me signing our.

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