Friday, April 8, 2011

Trello an excellent example of awesome scrum/Kanban digital board


Today I want to share a really interesting tool with the community. Its simple, its easy, its really user friendly its Trello. From the makers of FogBugz yet another awesome tool to ease the developers life. It’s a free tool, at least till now you can create and manage multiple boards. Typically a organization have multiple ongoing projects, and this tool also support multiple boards.


We can create as many columns depending on our needs. For instance. Back lock, Hotbox , In Development, Pre-QA, Under –QA, Finished, etc. We are trying to use this for our small projects till now, but it has huge potential to manage big size projects. I am looking forward to get some velocity calculation and advanced reporting features in future.

Till Next time. Its me signing out.

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