Friday, September 10, 2010

Typical Code Smells

While doing daily development in various project we often found lots of coding standard problem, we just don’t know the appropriate vocabulary for that, Today I am providing a list of all code smells that can be found in codes, We would elaborate and learn about each code smell. the list (rough) is given bellow, if anyone finds more code smell please provide in comment section.

  1. Dead code
  2. Duplicate code
  3. Comment
  4. Long Method
  5. Large Class
  6. Oddball Solution
  7. Primitive Obsession
  8. Switch Statement
  9. Speculative Generality
  10. Long Parameter List
  11. Conditional Complexity
  12. Combinatorial Explosion
  13. Alternative classes with Different Interfaces
  14. Inappropriate Intimacy
  15. Indecent Exposure
  16. Refused Bequest
  17. Black Sheep
  18. Data Class
  19. Solution Sprawl
  20. Feature Envy
  21. Temporary Field

In future post we would discuss mostly all about the smells.

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