Monday, January 28, 2008

Creating web application and web site that run in IIS 7 of windows vista from vs2008

While creating a web site in vs2005 or vs2008 , web site location has three options and the options are 1. File System 2. HTTP 3. FTP


Previous version of Visual studio (VS2002,VS2003) supports web application that run only on IIS. User can easily create web applications cause Visual Studio automatically guide the user to create a web application. Since vs2005 come with whole new application suite for example, Web Site template , web application template and mix mode of Ajax templates user had options to chose between many things. I personally used IIS and File System web site and web applications (File System web run on Vs integrated vs development web server ) in windows XP. I have recently moved to windows vista and and VS2008 Team System. I found some interesting stuff regarding windows vista and vs2008 that I thought need little share with the community (might help some one).

Web site in VS2008 on windows vista that run on IIS


I wanted to create a web site in IIS so I opened vs2008 selected "Web Site" project template and Choose Local IIS but I found a strange message and unable to proceed to create a virtual directory from the wizard. I didn't read the message carefully, I thought my IIS is not installed properly or my IIS is not running. I opened my IIS administration MMC from administrator tool and found that IIS is up and running well, then I got confused and performed the same site creation operation again. This time when the Local Internet Information Server tab got selected I read the message carefully and it says how to create web site from vs2008, and it says I got to run vs2008 with "Run as administrator" :)


I closed my IDE and opened IDE from start menu with "Run as administrator" options selected from right click menu and performed the same operation again, this time every thing worked just okay :).


Web app in VS2008 on windows vista that run on IIS

While creating a "web application" project (which is created via choosing new project, rather than new web site from File->New menu) user do not have any option to select between File system or IIS hosted project in project creation wizard. By Default a File System based web application is created for the user. Just follow the normal procedure to create a web application, after web application creation is completed select the project properties. When the project properties window appear select the Tab named "Web*". You will see in web tab by default "Use Visual Studio Development Server" option is selected. change it to "Use IIS Web Server" option. After that just click on the Create Virtual Directory button to finish the procedure. save the project and you are good to go.


Oh one more thing, for this operation, again you have to run IDE in Run as administrator mode.

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