Friday, August 3, 2007

How to get a free SVN repository?

Why we need SVN or any kind of source control, off course we  want to keep our source safe and want to maintain our source so that no one can see our private code. One easy step is to private SVN repository in your local network. In this particular scenario we have to install server all by yourself, all backup and labeling needs to be done all by our self as well.
It would be nicer if we have hosted SVN repository where we can keep our source as private, all backup and system recovery solutions will be provided by the hosting company. Luckily there are some services in the internet for that, for instance is a wonderful site which allows commercial trails and if you have a open source project you can get a free SVN repository. You can also get limited space of around 250mb of free personal private SVN repository.
Yet another solution is to use Source forge or other free open source code hosting sites, note that we need to confirm what kind of open source SVN they support.
Unfortunate thing is that I kind find a good Microsoft based, source control on internet for free, that would be a nice addition to the open source work force.
Update 1:
Now we can host code in google code and also have svn support, but code needs to be open source.
Update 2:
Now we can also host code in codeplex which is sponsored by Microsoft. In this case code needs to be open source.
Update 3:
CodePlex now support team foundation server and teamexplorer of VS2008
Update 4: is now offering unlimited private project hosting... awesome

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