Thursday, January 25, 2007

VS templates not working? Easy to get things back.

Recently I had to work with window SharePoint Service 3.0 and its development. I download the visual studio 2005 project templates for SharePoint development. I downloaded the project msi from Microsoft download site.

Installed in my local computer… but when I opened the IDE2005 project templates are not there…..

I got confused… and try reinstall the msi… but noting happed… I went to google and found few people is also suffering from this problem… the problem is my vs2005 is installed in different drive other that “c:\” and the installed temples are in default “c:\”… and then I moved my template in the drive where the IDE2005 is installed….

Location of the project templates is [your dive letter]:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE…

There were two directories one if project template and other is item template… last thing that I did is to make ide identity the project templates….

For this I had to just a command in vs2005 comma prompt..

devenv /installvstemplates

I found help from the following forum… please go there for more detailed discussion…

Hope this will help someone someday….

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